Heather Harris


604-682-2344 ext. 64025

Heather Harris has more than 25 years of experience in clinical research, spanning pharmaceutical and biotech companies, non-profit organizations, and academic centres. Most recently, Heather worked with BC’s SPOR SUPPORT Unit to build and enhance BC’s clinical and health research enterprise. She also served as inaugural Director of Operations for the British Columbia Clinical Infrastructure Network (BCCRIN).

As Director of Can-SOLVE CKD, Heather acts as the primary liaison for the network and oversees the core operations team. She is responsible for monitoring network performance and activities to ensure the work is within scope and budget. She also facilitates communication within and outside the network, engages stakeholders, and facilitates development of knowledge translation products and reporting on network achievements.


Selina Omar Allu

Knowledge Translation Broker


Selina Allu is a Knowledge Translation Broker with a Master’s degree in Health Geography. She has almost a decade of combined experience in knowledge translation, knowledge management, and outreach (provincial and national). Selina has led the development and delivery of comprehensive knowledge outreach plans, including the design, planning, and execution of targeted knowledge dissemination while building strong and collaborative working relationships with stakeholders and end-users to broaden research reach and impact.

As KT Broker for Can-SOLVE CKD, Selina ensures that research findings are applied in real world settings through effective knowledge translation strategies and collaborations with end-users.


Chantal Boucher

Coordinator, KRESCENT & Can-SOLVE CKD


Chantal Boucher has worked with the Kidney Foundation of Canada in the National Marketing and Communications department for 18 years. She was initially in project coordination for the department but in 2014 she began to provide support to the Kidney Foundation’s KRESCENT program. This included the coordination of bi-annual workshops and working directly with the KRESCENT awardees and managers of the programme.

More recently, Chantal’s role expanded to support the activities of the Can-SOLVE CKD Patient Council, its members, sub-committees, and working groups. She will also support the Can-SOLVE CKD training program through KRESCENT as well as still continuing to support the KRESCENT programme itself.


Helen Chiu

Patient Engagement Liaison


Helen Chiu’s research experience spans the continuum from basic science to clinical and health services research in oncology, emergency medicine, and nephrology. She currently serves as Quality Lead, Patient-Centred Performance Improvement of the BC Provincial Renal Agency.

As Patient Engagement Liaison for the Can-SOLVE CKD Network, Helen promotes the network’s vision and values with stakeholders by building relationships with patient partners and facilitating consensus. She coordinates recruitment of patient partners on the national Patient Council, Patient Council working groups, research project teams, and other network components in partnership with the Kidney Foundation of Canada and national and local patient groups.


Grace Jauod

Finance Manager

604-682-2344 ext. 64255

Grace is a Chartered Professional Accountant with more than 20 years of experience in various fields of accounting and audit. Prior to joining the Can-SOLVE CKD team, she held financial and operations management roles at the University of British Columbia.

As Finance Manager for Can-SOLVE CKD, Grace provides financial management and strategic support. She is responsible for financial reporting to various stakeholders and budget management for the Network. She oversees the general ledger and accounts payable functions; interpretation of UBC, tri-council and funders’ financial policies and procedures; systems and internal controls design and implementation.


Theresa Lam-Hawes

Administrative Coordinator

604-682-2344 ext. 64027

Theresa joins the Can-SOLVE CKD team from the University of British Columbia. She has also worked with Specialists of BC as the Executive Assistant to the Director and held administrative support positions in various departments of the Vancouver Park Board for more than a decade.

As a member of the Core Operations Team, Theresa provides general support to the Network Director, fellow team members and Can-SOLVE CKD committees. She is responsible for the day-to-day operational activities of the Can-SOLVE CKD Network, including the scheduling of meetings, preparation of meeting material, taking minutes, preparing reports, entering data, updating policy and procedures, formatting documents, managing the document storage system, assisting in tasks related to human resources and other general administrative tasks.


Graham Pollock

Communications Manager

604-682-2344 ext. 64028

Graham Pollock is a health research communications professional with a background in journalism and digital storytelling. Prior to joining Can-SOLVE CKD, he was Senior Communications Specialist for the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research. In this role, he led the development of content across a wide range of digital and print channels to communicate the impact of health research projects.

As Communications Manager for the Can-SOLVE CKD Network, Graham leads the implementation of a strategic communications plan to ensure the organized flow of information. He develops communications materials such as newsletters, progress reports, and website content in partnership with patients, researchers, and other network members.


Mila Tang

Project Manager

604-682-2344 ext. 64256

Mila Tang has been working in the kidney research field for close to 10 years in various capacities from clinical trials and national network coordination, database management, biobanking and grant writing. Her background is in molecular biology, biochemistry and health informatics.

As the project manager for the Can-SOLVE CKD Network, Mila ensures transparency and accountability of all projects by coordinating and guiding planning, as well as monitoring, tracking and reporting progress.


Catherine Turner

Indigenous Liaison Manager


Catherine Turner is a Métis woman whose family originates from the historic Red River Settlement in Manitoba. She is the Indigenous Liaison Manager of the Kidney Foundation of Canada BC & Yukon Branch and will be working with Can-SOLVE CKD to support the Indigenous Peoples’ Engagement and Research Council. She will work with the project leads to explore how best to enable Indigenous and non-Indigenous patient engagement in each of the network’s research projects.

Catherine is the past Chairperson of the National Aboriginal Diabetes Association and has been a member of their executive board since 2004. Catherine has worked in health and primary prevention programs with Aboriginal and First Nations communities for the past two decades, including administering an Aboriginal diabetes initiative for eight years.